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Employer Looking to Hire and Need Help?

We know (and you know too), the longer your role is not filled, the more it will cost your company to recover. Our expert and knowledgeable recruiter network ensures key performance indicators are on-point with industry standards and benchmarks.

Turnover and growth are a fact in business, and to fill that gap you need a partner with a great network and talent stream. Our International Co-Broker Network, combined with our database, provides instant access to current, qualified “ROCKSTAR” candidates.

Using current technologies in one-to-one communication with our rolodex allows us to offer you real-time virtual results. If you’re looking to hire and need help finding your perfect candidate, require strategic recruitment planning & consulting, and/or recruitment training for your team, get connected today!

Job Recruitment and Placement

Need help finding The Right Person at The Right Time?

Are you an Employer who is frustrated with your current talent pool and need help finding your perfect candidate? We can help! With a global talent network reach of 4,000,000 and growing, our Recruitment Experts can help plan and execute all your job placement and recruiting needs. Time IS money and we never forget that!

Our Key Deliverables to You

✓  Every job that our recruiters work on will have a FREE listing on our website for all to visit, including our talent base

✓  Both a passive and active recruiter search of our network to find best candidates

✓  All Applicants in our talent network are pre-screened and, prior to a short-list selection are pre-interviewed by our recruitment team, ensuring only the top level candidates are sent to you for review.

✓  Negotiate and deliver all offers, including confirm interview schedules and candidate follow-up. We’re so proud of our placement rate (95% after 1-year) that we offer a Candidate Warranty to ensure The Right People at The Right Time!


Direct Social Recruiting

Recruitment Training and Seminars

Need custom help navigating the new world of Recruiting?

Need help figuring out how to find and retain help?

Best Retail Careers International Inc. can help with a custom four (4) hour (on-site at workplace) training session. This session is best suited for Hiring Managers and storefront help to ensure the employment brand strategy is carried through the company. Our subject matter Recruiting Experts can customize any topics to fit what your company requires.

Topics covered but not limited to:

✓  How important is a resume?

✓  Finding the right candidates!

✓  Communicating in Real-time

✓  Phone vs. Personal Interview

Teach your team how to “recruit” the other 85% of active candidates you should REALLY be considering.


Strategic Recruitment Planning and Consulting

Feeling overwhelmed with your current recruitment needs…and future ones?

Finding The Right People at The Right Time involves many components, but the best way to start is by analyzing your current employment brand, and targeting efficiency gains to access, and attract the best talent in your industry.

Let our expert recruitment specialists help you develop a strategic recruitment plan that will decrease your time-to-fill rate and reduce turnover. Helping create and foster a company culture that all employees will resonate with; inspiring a stable, healthy, and happy work environment.