Retail Staffing: $20/HR is the New Norm

$20hr is the new norm for retail 2022

Retail Staffing: $20/hr is the "New Norm" Ontario is a few years late, but set to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour in January. Most industries have blown past that low standard by multiple percentage factors already. In fact, the average of every retail job is already $17.68 per hour across Canada. Except, try and hire at that rate. Good luck! Without $18 to $20/hr as an opening offer, workers simply turn up their nose to job offers. Hence the 1 million (and growing) vacancies, even during the holiday season. Retail is one of the top wage growth industries in Canada at...

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Algorithms Won’t Fix Your Shortages

Luxury Retail Algorithms wont fix your shortages

Luxury Retail Staffing: Algorithms Won't Fix Your Shortages Never has luxury retail focused as much on hiring as they are now. Never has luxury retail hired as many people as they are right now. Nor have they ever spent as much money on staffing as they are today. Yet the staffing shortage continues to get worse. November stats in Canada for jobs filled smashed previous pre-COVID records increasing by 154,000 new hires when only 35,000 hires were expected. Hiring is exploding, but it only serves to shrink further the pool of candidates accepting luxury retail roles. Why Isn't It Working? 1. Not Interviewing Enough People The...

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How grab & go robberies affect retail staffing

Grab and Go Robberies

How grab & go robberies affect retail staffing and hiring. By now, most retailers have seen or heard about the repeated mass losses at upscale retailers in California by swarming groups of up to 80 or more robbers. Black Friday showed an influx of this behaviour across the US. In Canada, we look in horror thinking it can't happen here. Why would you think it can't? The entire goods on display system of retail is based upon the honour system. Most folks won't steal from you because they feel it to be morally wrong. Thus the fancy glass window displays externally and internally with...

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