Retail Staffing: CERB vs. EI

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Retail Staffing: Why CERB worked and EI does not work Opinion by: Suzanne Sears, Best Retail Careers International Inc. Retailers are completely baffled. So many retailers out of work and so few job applicants for their posts. How can this be? Let me break it down for you as a retail recruiter and share what is coming back to me from the field. No, it is not that retailers are just so lazy they want to sit home. Everyone has "stayed home" to death. They would love nothing more than to be back at work, having a life. THE OBSTACLES When CERB was in place we...

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October Report: Retail COVID Hiring

Retailers have been in a quandary for several months, not knowing if they should hire during the COVID-19 pandemic. What if everything shuts down again? According to the RBC Consumer Spending Report published on October 5th, 2020. there seems to be far less to worry about than the headlines might indicate. Overall, there has been next to no signs that consumers are worried about the second wave of COVID-19. FACT: Consumer spending was up at least 5% by mid-September. This figure is identical to how consumers were spending in January 2020. While spending certainly tanked in April, that trend was gone by...

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Racism in Hiring: “No Canadian Experience”

racism in the workforce

Stop the “Canadian Experience” Bias If we want to make meaningful change in ending racism in the workforce, we are forced to look at the unspoken but, nonetheless prevalent racism in hiring, and discriminations against newcomers to Canada. As a Recruiter, I am often challenged with the issue of not being able to send resumes of “New Canadians”, regardless of how stunning their education or non Canadian high level experience is for open positions. I have found myself needing to argue with Human Resource folks as to why they should at least give new Canadians an interview. As a blanket requirement, demanding Canadian...

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Retail Pulse Check


This week on Retail Pulse Check, Craig Patterson and Stephen O’Keefe are joined by industry expert and HR specialist, Suzanne Sears. A portion of the conversation focused on the employee/employer relationship in terms of best procedures for keeping everybody safe as the economy slowly reopens. ...

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