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We’re excited to share regular expert blog posts about Human Resources trends in the Canadian and global Retail and Technology sectors. Our blog is designed to help employees and employers understand each other when it comes to job seeking and recruiting; and the challenges each face in the pursuit of the right FIT.

We hope that you enjoy our views and knowledge based sharing, however views and opinions are not to be taken as consulting advice for you and/or your business. All consultations are custom and require a thorough package created by our expert team. If you would like to book a consultation please CONTACT US to get started!

2202, 2018


NO AGENCIES PLEASE! When I see a Human Resources generated ad for staffing and it’s flagged with “No Agencies Please”, I think...your firm isn’t interested in finding the BEST talent; only the cheapest. Ultimately you don’t have the best interests of your firm in mind at all. Ads rely upon the significantly smallest pool of [...]

3011, 2017

METRO: Is the Gossip True?

METRO: Is the Gossip True? "Some 24-hour stores will no longer be 24-hour stores," said Metro Chief Executive Eric Le Fleche on a conference call recently reported. "We have to manage the hours the best we can without reducing customer service." In order to counteract the financial loss, it plans to "scale back hours at some stores" in [...]

611, 2017

Job Vacancies a Serious Threat

Job Vacancies a Serious Threat to Canadian Retail Industry There is a talent crisis in the retail industry and retailers have to start thinking very differently about how they are going to fill their growing vacancies. “Retailers have lost touch with the job market in the sense of who wants to work in retail, what [...]

609, 2017


Welcome! We would like to take this opportunity to further introduce ourselves. Best Retail Careers International Inc. is an International network of Professional Recruiters that co-operatively work to strategically deliver global staffing solutions. The world and recruitment has evolved at a pace that has changed the way we do business. It’s now about one-to-one relationships [...]