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About Us

Since 2011, Best Retail Careers International Inc. has been an industry leader for luxury retail talent recruiting. Trusted by over 50 retail brands internationally, our portfolio of retail partners includes some of the most identifiable luxury brands in the industry.

We work with co-brokers around the world in Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia to find and deliver exceptional retail talent.

Our massive, direct reach and exclusive database of pre-screened candidates is unequalled in Canada. Every day we have new talent signing up on our Superstar Talent Registry ready for the next great opportunity.

We achieved our success by delivering only the Best of the Best retail talent to our clients.

Suzanne Sears

Never be your own lawyer or do your own surgery

There is a time when you need professional support. Hiring is that time.

Suzanne Sears - President, Best Retail Careers International Inc.

Suzanne Sears

Hire the very best talent you can, regardless of cost!

You might still not win, but hiring mediocre talent guarantees you can not win!

Suzanne Sears - President, Best Retail Careers International Inc.

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Founder's Story

Right from inception, Suzanne Sears set the bar of service for her clients far above industry standards. She was one of the first retail recruiters to work on retainer only. She felt the only way to create an effective relationship with her clients was for both the agent and the client to be equally invested in a superior result.

Her vision was always based upon creating an “ideal marriage” for both the client and the candidate.

Unique to her industry, she insists on meeting the decision makers in person, as well as personally visiting the business space of every retailer. This is the only way to fully understand the culture of her clients. For every client a protocol is developed specific to their particular hiring needs. Not working from just a job description, she insists on a customized 5 Top Score for every submitted candidate.

Once activated, her vision for search for candidates is never ad based. She draws upon her vast candidate network on social media and the Superstar Talent Registry, then invites them to discuss your brand and opportunity before presenting them to the client. Her candidates are mostly known to her or referred thus increasing the efficiency of time from meeting to hire.

Once identified, Candidates are curated for an ideal match to the client profile. The entire recruiting process for her candidates involves warm support.

In every case, Suzanne takes the candidate on a journey right through to negotiating offers, and signing. Most of all, there is a firm commitment that every candidate should have an outstanding candidate experience.

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Our core competencies lay in three areas. Knowledge, Quality of Candidates, Luxury Experience.

A pre-screened candidate registry of over 20,000 passive looking talent roster, dedicated retained talent searches for Luxury and Premium Retail Executive placements.

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