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Do you need premium talent delivering progressive innovative leadership to rebuild and refresh your brand? Old talent acquisition strategies aren’t enough to regrow your brand.

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Our extensive network of elite professionals are top level talent with their own portfolio of luxury clients, whom we personally connect with daily.



As a retailer, your challenge is to decide what caliber of talent you absolutely need to restore your market leadership. You must be prepared to hire the very best in the market. There are no alternatives left.

Luxury retailers are a small, in demand segment of the talent pool. You need to make strategic decisions about who to build new career relationships with.

We support the largest, most extensive network of luxury retailers in Canada. Trust us to revitalize your brand and support you through this critical phase in retail!

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Suzanne Sears

Never be your own lawyer or do your own surgery

There is a time when you need professional support. Hiring is that time.

Suzanne Sears - President, Best Retail Careers International Inc.

Suzanne Sears

Hire the very best talent you can, regardless of cost!

You might still not win, but hiring mediocre talent guarantees you can not win!

Suzanne Sears - President, Best Retail Careers International Inc.


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Join our Superstar Retail Talent Registry to be first on the list when premium brand retailers are ready to hire. The process is simple. Submit your contact information and resume. Your contact information is kept confidential until you give us permission to present you to our client.

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Listen now to the The Retail Pulse podcast with your host Suzanne Sears. A monthly podcast that will have expert Luxury Retail market specialist and recruiter President of Best Retail Careers International Inc., Suzanne Sears discussing the monthly retail stats from Canada and other hot topics surrounding the retail industry. Tune in for special podcasts that will include guest co-hosts discussing topics that will help retailers attract and retain superstar talent.

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